Testimonial – BGA Realtors

When I booked my flat (1, 3/B) with just 2 lakhs rupees, I was very apprehensive about the timely delivery and price escalation. However, BGA delivered within time and without any escalation in price. Now I hear that the re-sale vale of the flat is close to 7 lakhs rupees! So the Return on Investment is pleasantly much higher than what I would have got keeping my money as Fixed Deposit.

- Arnab Chakroborty

I think BGA has done a great job in low cost housing segments. BGA is a name that stands for trust, affordability and reliability. When I first heard the flat price, I ran to book our flat (20, 3/B), but unfortunately bank was not granting me loan with my salary. However BGA made it possible to pay the sum by breaking the price down in 36 monthly instalments without interest and made my dream come true. Thank You BGA .

- Samir Roy

Owning a flat was a dream for me which came true with BGA Realtors project Amrita Abashan! We booked our flat (5, G/D) in Amrita Abashan phase I in 2010 at a shocker of a price at Sonarpur. It was indeed a dream come true for me. I was earlier apprehensive about the location but with Sonarpur station so nearby, connectivity was never an issue. Nestled in greenery I just love my home here. A big thank you to BGA Realtors for keeping their promise of good homes at affordable rate. I wish them all the best.

- Protik Batabyal & Tina Batabyal

When I first saw the ad that, BGA Realtors was giving homes at rupees 2 Lakhs, I could not believe my eyes! But it was indeed true. No hidden costs were involved. We booked our flat (41, 2/A) in 2010 at Sonarpur. I thank BGA Realtors for making such affordable homes yet not sacrificing with the quality. It has all the modern amenities for basic community living. I am immensely satisfied with my asset.

- Suvro Ghosh Dastidar